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Because children do not come with instruction manuals.
Parenting...one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs you’ll ever have.  Need Help?
Working with Parent Team improves family communication and relationships with coaching and support for families with child development and discipline issues.  Unlike reading a book filled with parenting advice or applying that one strategy that "worked" for a friend, parent coaching is a unique, collaborative relationship.
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The negative behaviors that have become habits are like a well-worn groove; it’s easier for your child to fall into one of them as they have a hundred times before.  As parents, we have to understand our children are acting out their frustrations the only way they know how. It’s our “job” to provide the guidelines and alternatives that will allow your child to grow and develop in a healthy environment.
Ruth Fett, M.S.C.
Parent Coach Child Development Consultant Speaker
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Parent Coaching The Empowered Parent Program and individual coaching sessions are an important first step to re-gaining the sanity and serenity of your home with children of all ages and challenges.
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Divorce Support Helping parents and children cope with the issues involved in divorcing and/or seperated parents.
Child or Adult Counseling  Collaborative counseling as you face life’s challenges. Support as you identify issues and we work towards solutions.
Parent Coaching/Counseling Brochure Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems Strategies for Parents Toddlers, Pre-Teens, Teens Behavioral Issues at Home or School Daily Routines: school mornings, meal times, bed times, siblings..